Choosing Granite Countertops In Hialeah FL

granite countertops mint condition

You find a Hialeah house online, you obtain your whole family in the cars and truck, drive there, welcome the actual estate representative, and plug your nose to the unusual scents coming out of the surprise oil diffuser. You walk right into the kitchen area, the hearth and facility of the house or so the genuine estate agent tells you.

Granite countertops. You have a neutral reaction. It’s simply a surface area to prepare food on, yet then the property agent starts wowing you with truths: It’s a tough piece of Italian rock that will last forever, as well as it adds value to the resale price.

Reflecting, you keep in mind all those home renovations shows, short articles regarding house-flipping pairs, and those realty doubles that look like they might in fact be sculpted out of granite.

Then, every little thing clicks, and the granite looks like an excellent concept. However, is granite actually all it’s cracked up to be? Right here are 5 things you need to understand prior to choosing which stone is appropriate for you.

1. Not as long-lasting as you think

Don’t get us incorrect, granite is pretty hard, yet it has a few weak points. If you were to take a look at granite under the microscope, you’d see thousands of little pores. Gradually, splashed acidic liquids like lemon juice, vinegar, and also cleansers can deteriorate the surface and seep right into the rock causing it to transform color. It must also be kept in mind that out of the box, granite is not as though other options like quartz, which sets you back around the exact same rate.

2. It’s probably not from Italy

According to the U.S International Trade Commission, 90% of all granite comes from Brazil, China, and also India. Also of note, big swaths of the Amazon rainforest have actually been lowered to access the granite that lies beneath.

3. Granite is sort of all over

When granite initially hit the scene in the 80s, it was a deluxe great. By the time the very early 2000s housing boom came around, it was all over due to builders as well as homeowners attempting to include more worth to their buildings. To put it in perspective, Americans have actually collectively invested more in Hialeah granite countertops than we invested in the Persian Gulf War.

4. Rubies might be for life, but granite is definitely not

Granite calls for upkeep. Every couple of years you need to reseal granite countertops to maintain liquid from seeping in and creating it to stain and deteriorate.

5. Various other surfaces (like quartz) are just as preferable

While granite isn’t completed all be all of the countertops, it’s still a solid selection. There are lots of other materials readily available. As granite winds down in appeal, quartz gets on the increase. It’s more durable and environmentally friendly. If you intend to be successful of the curve, we’ve seen designers put out countertops constructed from every little thing from solidified glass to nano products.

Do not get us wrong, granite is quite difficult, but it has a few weak factors. If you were to look at granite under the microscopic lense, you would certainly see thousands of little pores. To put it in perspective, Americans have jointly spent even more on granite countertops than we invested in the Persian Gulf War.

While granite isn’t the end all be all of the countertops, it’s still a strong option.